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Healthy living in focus at National Day celebrations

Healthcare is in focus at many of the booths at the Darb Al Saai Grounds, the prime centre of the Qatar National Day (QND) celebrations. With several diseases such as diabetes,obesity, cancer as well as cardiovascular conditions on the increase in the country, national healthcare organisations are making use of the platform to highlight the importance of healthy living and the need for lifestyle modifications.

Organisations such as Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC), Primary Health Care Corporation (PHCC), Weill Cornell Medical College in Qatar and healthcare campaigns such as Kulluna are actively engaging visitors to the Darb Al Saai Grounds at Al Sadd in Doha.

HMC’s Kulluna campaign is reaching out by showcasing a large number of services. Zamzam al-Haddad, co-ordinator, said that Kulluna focuses on several awareness programmes at its booths.

“We have several booths, organised jointly with HMC, on different topics. They include child safety at home, smoking cessation programmes, child passenger safety, healthy heart and many more. We also have the booths for promoting smart weight programme as well as to know more about ambulance service.”

At each booth, one specific point is discussed and the visitors are given clear guidelines on the topic. There are several screening facilities also at these booths. People can undergo tests for blood sugar, hypertension as well as ECG, Echo test and many others.

Child safety at home as well as the child passenger safety are also emphasised at the booths. Instructors provide advise on how to select a child seat, how to secure it to the baby as well as securing the seat to the car. The child safety at home campaign also provides guidelines to avoid several mishaps that can happen to children at home.

HMC is also showcasing a six-month programme for weight loss. It helps people to undergo several steps to lose weight and aims to arrest the obesity menace in the country. The visitors are given a four-step formula to control their weight and bring it down through a systematic programme. The smoking cessation booth provides inputs on the dangers of smoking and its harmful impact on human body.

The PHCC is making use of the cartoon family named ‘Rashid Family’ it had launched recently to emphasise the key message of the ‘Care’ campaign. It also aims to build interest and knowledge among children and adolescents about health. Through the Rashid Family characters at its booth, PHCC has adopted a family-friendly approach for the promotion of well being and health.

Tribes finalise preparations

Qatari tribes are finalising the National Day celebrations at Al-Rifaa street, reports local Arabic daily Al Sharq.

They have put up several installation and fittings on the yards allotted to each tribe on the street for the celebrations. Most of the preparations have reached the final stages including tents and heritage decorations.

The tribes compete in showing their love to their motherland and loyalty to HH the Emir and the government. They also revive the heritage of their fathers and grandfathers and co-operate with each other in celebrating the National Day.

The street and the tribe yards are adorned in burgundy and white colours. There will also be horse and camel races between the tribes in addition to other events such as the recitation of poems and songs.