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Kulluna was launched in September 2012 with a child safety campaign that consists of three parts.  These are:

  • Water safety
  • Home safety
  • Car safety

Each part covers specific safety issues which have been responsible for children dying, or being severely injured, in Qatar.  The Kulluna Child Safety Team is made up of doctors, nurses and other health professionals who are highly motivated to reduce the number of avoidable child injuries that they see daily in the hospital and emergency departments.  Helping them to spread the Kulluna messages are volunteers, teachers, parents and members of the local community.

Whilst ConocoPhillips is our key sponsor, for this particular campaign Kulluna has formed a collaborative agreement with the internationally recognized, not-for-profit organsiation, Safe Kids Worldwide. Safe Kids have acted as expert advisors to the Kulluna Child Safety Team.


Keeping your children safe from Burns and Scalds

The first step in helping to prevent kids from being burned is to understand these common causes of burns: Liquid injuries (usually scalds) from steam, hot bath water, tipped-over coffee cups, hot foods, cooking fluids, etc. Contact with flames or hot objects (from the cooker, iron, curling tongs or straightners, etc.) Chemical burns from swallowing things, like drain cleaner or watch batteri...

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Keeping your children safe from Choking

Many infants and children die each year from choking.  These deaths can be prevented if parents and care givers watch their children more closely and keep dangerous toys, foods and household items out of their reach. Mealtimes Children under 4 are at particular risk from choking.  To reduce the chances of your child being affected, you can: Insist that your child eats at the table, or at le...

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Water Safety campaign

Sadly, a substance that many of us take for granted can also put children’s lives at risk under certain circumstances. Here are some of the frightening facts identified by the Child Safety Team that relate specifically to children in Qatar: Fact: Drowning is the most common cause of accidental death in Qatar for children aged 0 – 4 years. Fact: The number of child deaths from drowning is ...

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Keeping your children safe from Poisoning

Most poisoning accidents involve medicines, household products and cosmetics. In Qatar the numbers of cases are increasing. The main reasons are a lack of adult supervision, failing to use safety caps on medicine bottles and keeping drugs in alternative containers, such as juice bottles. Storing Medicines - Keep medicines well out of reach, and out of sight, of young children. Put them in a high ...

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Keeping your children safe from Falls

Surprisingly enough, home is one of the most dangerous places that you can be in.  More children get injured at home than anywhere else. Falls are one of the leading causes of injury in children in Qatar. Almost 80% of injuries in the home are fall related.  Different age groups are at risk from different kinds of falls.  Here are some tips on how you can reduce the risks to your child. Babie...

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Driveway Safety

What you can do: SEE, SEPARATE and SUPERVISE Keeping your children safe from being run over in the driveway. Tragically, children are sometime run over in the driveway of their home.  Children aged 1 - 3 years are most at risk. Death usually happens at the scene, and children that do survive often have severe permanent disabilities. Driveway run overs are more likely to occur at busy times...

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Home Safety

Each year more than 40,000 children, aged 14 and under, suffer accidental injuries. Of those injuries, 85% happen at home. The majority of these injuries could have been prevented! The types of injuries that children receive can be divided into six broad categories: falls, burns, poisoning, choking, drowning and injuries caused by family cars in the driveway.

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