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With Qatar’s high heat and humidity expected to continue through to September, avoiding heat exposure and other heat-related illnesses is the focus of the new phase of the Kulluna campaign.

People, especially those working outside, are being advised to beat the heat by ensuring they drink plenty of water, they take regular breaks and try to find shade wherever possible.

To take the campaign to the public, the Kulluna team will use a mobile center that will visit various locations around Qatar. This will include public places and work places. The campaign advice will be delivered in Five languages Arabic, English, Nepalese, Malayalam and Hindi.

Dr. Khalid Saideldeen, Chairman of the Kulluna campaign said heat-related illnesses can damage the brain and other organs and, in extreme cases, cause death. He said during the summer months the Emergency Department at Hamad General Hospital sees numerous cases of heat related illnesses. 

“The aim of the ‘Beat the Heat’ campaign is to reduce the number of heat related illnesses by educating the public, particularly those who work outdoors and their employers, about how to stay safe in the heat,” he said. “We also want to help people recognize the early signs and symptoms of heat related illnesses in order to prevent cases becoming more serious.” 

Dr. Khalid Saifeldeen’s advice is that prevention is the best defense against heat- related illnesses but that we should also look out for the following symptoms:

  • Thirst – if you are thirsty then you are already dehydrated. Drink regularly to prevent the feeling of thirst.
  • Dark urine – healthy urine is light in color. If you find you are going to the bathroom less often or that your urine is dark in color then this is another sign of dehydration.
  • Dizziness/Weakness/Fatigue/Fainting – These are all signs that your body is not handling heat exposure. It is important to take on fluids, find shade, call for help and try to cool down.
  • Muscle cramps/Increased body temperature/Rapid heart rate/Seizures/Loss of consciousness or coma – These are all serious indicators of heat related illnesses and you should call for help immediately.

Mr. Gary Sykes, ConocoPhillips Qatar President commented: “The Kulluna Beat the Heat Campaign targets the large sector of the Qatari society who work outdoors in high temperatures. The campaign will roll out in a unique way that is sure to get the message across and raise awareness.” 

“We at ConocoPhillips are excited to support this campaign as founding sponsors and to share these important health and wellness tips that will help us all learn and understand the physical effects of heat and allow us to easily identify and respond promptly to warning signs of trouble and to remain safe and healthy. Health and safety are two core values at ConocoPhillips, and promoting them through sponsoring the Kulluna Beat the Heat Campaign is part of our long standing commitment to a healthy Qatar.”

Mr. Youssef Ali Al Qazim, General Secretary of Qatar Center for Voluntary Activities (QCVA) and his team are confident that volunteers are ready to support the Kulluna campaign in achieving the desired success.

Mr. Al Qazim said:” Since the establishment of the QCVA, the platform has been to have volunteers able to serve the community anywhere and at anytime”. He added:” Our volunteers have always had an important role in the events and conferences that take place in the country. Participants in these events highly appreciate the extensive efforts and strong experience of the volunteers, who always have a positive impact on the outcomes of these events”.

Launched in 2012, Kulluna, is a five-year national campaign to improve health and safety in Qatar. The first part of their campaign, ‘Keep Us Safe’, was a huge success and was dedicated to children’s safety and the subsequent ‘Healthy Heart’ campaign saw over 30,000 people visit a stand in City Center to check their heart health.

To know more about Kulluna, its campaigns and ways you can be involved, please visit

Adult’s Beat the Heat

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Children Beat the Heat

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